Donate Items

The invisible Histories Project will work with people across the South to identify people, organizations, and events whose collections need to be preserved.  For a look at the types of items we are looking for see the list here.  Once we connect with these collections a representative from the IHP will meet with the donor and talk about the material, this history associated with it, and who else we need to talk to.

Volunteers from the project will box up the materials and the collections will be processed by graduate students in the Master’s program for Library and Information Studies at the University of Alabama.  The processed materials will then be taken for permanent placement with our community partner repositories.

All of your materials will be handled with care, worked on by professionals, and will be accessible to students, and scholars who want access to this amazing material. 

iHP will: 

  • Identify People/Places/Organizations/Events
  • Connect with Donors to collect items
  • Items are processed by archival students
  • Items Preserved in partner repositories

Help us keep Southern LGBTQ History Alive!