Margaret Lawson is a community historian and public educator raised in central Mississippi. Margaret graduated from The University of Alabama with two master’s degrees: a Master’s in Secondary Education Social Science and a Master’s in History, and they currently serve as the Director of Programming & Outreach for Invisible Histories, a nonprofit dedicated to locating, researching, and making accessible LGBTQ southern history. Before working at Invisible Histories, they worked as a public school teacher in the Tuscaloosa City School Systems where they worked with a cohort of teachers and community members to launch local history courses for students wanting to preserve the history of their hometowns. At Invisible Histories, Margaret works to create public programming and educational resources for queer southerners. One of their first projects was working alongside the Invisible Histories team, local archivists and librarians, and LGBTQ Mississippians to create the Magnolia Memories exhibit, highlighting stories from queer Mississippi history from the 1800s up to the 1990s. Some of Margaret’s favorite ongoing projects are the creation of the Queer History Field Kit and Invisible Histories Community Archivist training program designed to provide archiving tools and resources for activists and organizers to document their current work. Beyond Invisible Histories, Margaret participated in the 2023 Southern Memory Workers Institute and Margaret is continuing to learn and grow their love for memory work fostered there. Moving forward, Margaret hopes to dedicate their life to making accessible stories of queer resistance and community building in the South, and in their work they strive always to close the artificial gaps created between the fields of archiving and history and the world of current activism and liberation struggles.