Bettina moved to Birmingham in the 7th grade. She grew up in College Hills and Titusville in west Birmingham. Upon graduating from The University of Virginia, she turned down job offers in the Mid-Atlantic states to come home and make a difference in her community. She has served as both COO and CEO of The Bethesda Life Center, Inc., a primary care medical facility, which serves patients regardless of their ability to pay. The Bethesda is one of the anchors of rejuvenation in downtown Ensley. Bettina still lives in west Birmingham with her husband and son in a community adjacent to Ensley.

She is an experienced health disparities and cultural competence consultant. She has worked with the defense industry, academic medical research, the automotive and manufacturing industries. Several years of her career were dedicated to higher education at an academic medical research university. Her academic achievements include a master of arts (MA.Ed) from the University of Alabama at Birmingham and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Virginia in International Relations. I have acquired professional development certifications in intercultural communication including: Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) Administrator, Intercultural Foundations Certificate, Intercultural Practitioner Certificate.