Invisible Histories is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Co-founders, Joshua Burford (Director of Outreach & Lead Archivist) and Maigen Sullivan (Director of Research & Development), began working on the concept in late 2015. 501(c)3 status was obtained in October 2016 and the project officially launched and began collecting in February 2018. Both Burford and Sullivan were working on the project full time by September 2018.
In the first year of operations, IHP located 18 new LGBTQ collections in Alabama; identified 3 repository archive partners; helped develop 3 undergraduate courses at 2 state universities; organized and held the inaugural Queer History South Conference of 115 archivists, historians, students, faculty & staff; mentored 4 undergraduate and graduate interns/scholars; and received an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation grant to expand their work into Mississippi and Georgia.
In addition to preserving the rich history of LGBTQ Southerners, the project’s goals are to:

  1. Create opportunities for intergenerational connection with Queer & Trans people in the South
    Create research opportunities for students, faculty, and community members in archives, research and preservation.
  2. Provide a network for LGBTQ historians and archivists through the South through the Queer History South network and conference.
  3. Work with universities, libraries, museums, and archives to create collection and preservation partnerships throughout the South.
  4. Establish a community based, centrally located space to display these histories and act as a space for community dialogue around Queer history.
A Newspaper Article from 1912

A Newspaper Article from 1912

One of many items in the IH collection that displays a long history of persecution.

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