About iHP

Invisible Histories Project is a fully incorporated 501C3 effective October 12th, 2016.  Donors can deduct contributions that they make under IRS Section 170.  iHP is listed as a public charity as determined by the Internal Revenue Service of the United States of America.  iHP has the public charity status 170 (b) (1) (A) (vi).  ​

iHP Mission The Invisible Histories Project is designed to be a repository for the preservation of the history of LGBTQ life first in the state of Alabama and then the entire Southeast.  The archive will preserve, collect, and protect the living history of the diversity of the Queer community–both urban and rural. Using the Alabama site as a model, IHP is currently expanding into Mississippi and Georgia with aims to reach the entirety of the Southeast within 10 years. 

IHP focuses on four key elements related to advancing LGBTQ Southern History:
Community Engagement
Archiving, Preservation, Research & Scholarship
Professional Development & Best Practices

Help us keep Southern LGBTQ History Alive!